composite resin veneers

To carry out this type of treatment, we use highly aesthetic composite resins. Generally, this type of treatment is performed in a single appointment (6 hours). These veneers are designed to last up to 6 years, they require maintenance every year, they also require special care, such as not eating hard things like bones, sweets, you should not bite ice because they can fracture.

We can tell you that in 6 hours you will be able to show off a new smile that will change your life.
Renew smiling is worth it!

Porcelain Veneers

If you want to show off a luxurious smile, without a doubt, porcelain veneers are the best option.

This type of veneers are very aesthetic, they are very resistant to fracture, they do not change color, they have a range of white and bright colors, to place this type of veneers it will only be necessary to gently polish the enamel surface of your teeth. It is not necessary to shave your teeth to place these veneers.

To do the treatment of porcelain veneers, you must come to Cali-Colombia for 3 days, these veneers are manufactured using CAD-CAM systems. This type of equipment will scan your mouth and manufacture porcelain veneers in 72 hours.

Dental Implants

Losing some teeth stopped being a problem a few years ago. Since the appearance of dental implants, many people have regained their smile.
To replace one or several teeth, dental implants can be used. To perform this type of treatment, a small surgery is required which requires local anesthesia. During the entire procedure, you will never be asleep.

This type of treatment generally requires 2 appointments, a first appointment to place the implants, in this appointment you will have temporary teeth, after 4 months when the healing period is over, you must return to Cali-Colombia to place the permanent teeth.

Fixed Porcelain Bridges

Root Canals

  • Root canal treatments also called endodontics, are treatments that seek to eliminate or prevent pain in teeth that have been affected by cavities, wear or fractures, it consists of performing a microscopic perforation of the tooth to extract the sensitive part that is the dental nerve also known as dental pulp.

These types of treatments help teeth keep working for many years.

Gum Contournig/Gingivectomy

Having the contours of the gums uniform, is a key point to achieve a great smile, so that the veneers look much more aesthetic, it is recommended in some cases, to design the contours of the gums through a small laser surgery, it really is a very easy procedure to To do, it is performed under local anesthesia, so that during the entire procedure you will be awake, and you will not feel pain when the effect of the anesthesia ends.


This type of treatment should be performed prior to smile design when people have completely misaligned teeth, it is a good option and requires several appointments.